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Gym Perks

Typical gyms will have standard equipment, maybe some fitness classes, some TV sets — they are fitness facilities where you can get the job done, but there’s nothing special about them.

At Determined Fitness, we aim to be a place where everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, man or woman, can come in and work hard to achieve their goals. And our staff and personal trainers will do what we can to make that happen. In addition to Life Fitness, Stairmaster, and Hammer Strength plate loaded equipment, we offer everyone a full cafe with protein shakes and smoothies, and Fitness Plus members can enjoy unlimited tanning, hydromassage, and guest privileges.

Included With a Fitness Membership


Our menu includes coffee, energy drinks, a range of smoothie and shake flavors with the option to include protein, fruit, egg whites, whey alternative, creatine, and fruit! Give your body the supplements it needs for a powerful workout and the nutrients it needs for a healthy recovery.

Included With Fitness Plus Membership +


Determined Fitness wants you to feel great about your body! And anyone who lives in the Poughkeepsie area understands how difficult it can be to get a good tan just laying outside. Get a healthy glow and enjoy a few minutes, or even 10 or 15, of relaxation in a high-quality tanning bed. Our staff can assure you that the beds are always kept clean and are ready to go whenever you want them.


Hydromassage beds use powerful, but soothing hot water jets to give your body a relaxing massage. The massage sessions are generally 10 minutes and you can customize the massage with a touch screen — select the speed of the jets moving up and down, the pressure of the water, and you can pause the jets in a certain area that needs additional relief. Enjoy the same relaxation and relief from sore muscles without the cost of going to a massage therapist!

Guest Privileges

Some people love being able to work out with a friend, but not many gyms offer this opportunity! If you want to share your workout, if you feel more motivated and determined with someone else to keep you going, bring them to Determined Fitness! Our facility is conveniently located on Dutchess Turnpike, making it that much easier to achieve your goals.

Are you ready to get fit, toned, and to live a healthier life? Get in touch with our staff or personal trainers to sign up for a free needs assessment. At Determined Fitness, you don’t have to worry about hidden costs, just achieving results.